How to choose a wig

How to choose a wig? We generally choose from the quality of the wig, the color, and the matching of our own face. When choosing a wig, try to choose a wig that is similar to our own hair color!

Choose size

Wigs are also divided into sizes. The general mechanism wigs have 3 sizes, small 52-54cm, medium 55-57cm, and large 58-60cm.

Pick your hair!

Chemical fiber hair: easy to knot, frizzy, easy to knot after washing, basically a one-time. 100% real hair: long life, can be washed, blown, cut, dyed and permed. If you wear it for a long time, it is recommended to choose real hair.

Look at the quality of workmanship

Full-mechanism technology: All production processes are machined, which has the advantages of low cost, low fidelity, and poor air permeability. Chemical fiber wigs of tens of yuan usually use this process mechanism + mono: partial hand-woven or semi-hand-woven, high fidelity, good air permeability, high cost performance, suitable for spring and autumn. Suitable for mid-range consumption. Full hand-knitting process: using artificial scalp, light and thin, realistic, breathable and comfortable. If you have hair loss or gray hair, you need to wear it for a long time. It is most suitable to choose all hand-woven crafts! Suitable for wearing all year round.

Choosing a hairstyle. Wigs are matched with your dear's face.

Because everyone's face shape is different! In view of the reason that real hair can be repeated and trimmed, we strongly recommend buying real hair. Even if the hair style is not suitable, you can let the hairdresser help you make the hair style that suits you!

Care and after-sales

Real hair wigs are easy to absorb moisture under natural conditions. The humidity of the air and the extrusion of the packaging will cause the hair to bend. After the straight hair is deformed, spray some water-cooled air to dry, or use a hair straightener to straighten it. Hairspray is fine. After washing the curly hair, let it dry naturally and spray some moisturizing styling to keep it longer. Or let the hairdresser take care of some for you.
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